Wednesday, February 27, 2008

EntryCard : Automated Click, Earn Credit.

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Today i'm going to reveal another new technique to earn money from AIR. Yeah my friends. This time lets bumped up the Entrecard.

Those who doesn't know, for them, Entrecard is a 3rd party site/middleman that help you to provide a handsome amount of traffic to your site. for more read at yourself. I have not enough shit to explain this details.

Lets come to point. If you can earn more credits from entrecard, you can put your ad at popular sites/blogs those listed on entrecard. Obviously putting an ad at popular site will make a good traffic at your blog/site. One of the easies way to earn credit from entrecard is just go to the listed blog at entrecard, and just click "Drop Your" from entrecard advert. Simply this will make you one entrecard point.

I have created a bot that used to do this clicking process automatically. My bot is running well with some AI. I'm getting each day thousands of points, and using that points i'm putting my advert on popular blog/site. This helps to provide a good traffic at my blog and adsense is making money for me.

But beware, Entrecard has a smart condom to wrap your bot, so that it can't sperm inside ;). i got caught caught few times. and they sucked 10 points from my account 3 times. :(

But whats to give up man? Who the fuck was able to stop bad ppl like us to stop doing this nuts? I'll put some code related to the bots in different languages soon.

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